You Can’t Get What You Want!

August 28, 2012

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I’m a big fan of The Rolling Stones ever since I first discovered them. I always loved the song You Can’t Always Get What You Want – it’s a classic. You probably know that the lyric in the song is:

You can’t always get what you want,
but if you try, sometimes, you just might find,
you get what you need.

It feels pretty accurate, doesn’t it. However, what I’ve come to see over the last decade of observing my thoughts and how they are creating my life experience, I’ve noticed that when I’m really WANTING something, that it doesn’t actually lead to HAVING it.

Wanting and Having are two very different things. Wanting is LACK. If I think thoughts of lack then I will experience more lack. As long as I want something I’m energizing that and affirming that I’m in lack. I’ve had enough of lack!

If I’m actively wanting something then I must be absolutely convinced that I do not have it. It’s out there, and not right here, where I am. I need to get it if I don’t have it.

Now, the great spiritual teaching tells us that “The Kingdom is within. Seek first the Kingdom and ALL ELSE will be added unto to us.”

This teaching tells us that ALL that is truly WORTH having is already pre-installed within us.

The Kingdom is our access to our divinity which is the spiritual qualities that are our inheritance. It’s so life-changing, and so healing to finally recognize the gifts are pre-installed.

I’m inviting you to give up the wanting and start acknowledging the having.
Every time you hear yourself say, “I want,” be willing to reframe it. Remember, wanting is the energy that keeps you in the “not having.”

Get out of the habit of wanting, needing, craving and NOT HAVING and into the habit of having and enjoying! Now is the time to make the move!

I’ve learned to say “cancel that” every time I hear myself say “I want.” If the Kingdom has already been given me, isn’t it crazy to be thinking that I am lacking?

Instead I’ve learned other language such as:

I’d like …
I’m looking forward to …
I’m choosing …
I prefer …

Get creative! You’ll be amazed at the difference that it makes in your life!

I have it all within me and I AM grateFULL! 

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