You are Worthy

August 9, 2012

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Is there any part of you that doesn’t feel worthy? Is there a place in you that feels unworthy of love, of peace, of prosperity? If so, then there is a place where you’re telling yourself a lie. Any lie contains violence and violence begets more violence. The truth is that you were born worthy. Does any child have to do anything to be worthy of love, peace or prosperity? Of course not.

The very fact that you are living and breathing means that you are worthy of God’s love.

Joel Goldsmith writes “If some night we could sit at a window all night long until the morning light breaks, and then with the coming of full daylight when the moon and the stars are no more but in their place is the sun, we might ask ourselves what part we have played in all this. What did we have to do with it? If we could watch trees or flowers blooming and when they are in full bloom, again ask ourselves what part we have played in this, whether we have earned it or deserved it or been worthy of it, we should soon find that God brought all of these glories to us without any question as to our worthiness or unworthiness.”

Today take a good look at an area of your life where it appears you may feel unworthy and ask yourself what the Truth is. Remember that Truth is true for everyone, all the time.


I am worthy of love


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