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August 13, 2012

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Years ago, during the month of February, in honor of Valentine’s Day I spent many hours in contemplative meditation about love. It came to me so clearly that my primary relationship is with the Infinite Presence. My beloved is THE Beloved, regardless of what other relationships I might have.

On that fine Valentine’s Day gone by, as I continued my sittings in contemplative meditation about the nature of Love, what I came to feel was that the Beloved loves me with an infinite capacity to love.

My Beloved loves me through everyone and everything, that’s how much my Beloved loves me.

In that moment, I awoke to is the awareness that I am THAT Lover’s lover and I’d like to act like it. I’d like to say with strength and clarity that I AM devoted to the Lover who loves with no beginning and no end. I’d like to live in the peace of knowing that the Beloved holds nothing against me and cannot do enough for me.

How different it would be to know that everywhere I go, there my lover is, rejoicing in me, making my way joyous.

With this realization I’ve been able to walk (more and more every day), with the sense that the Beloved is with me always. This soulful realization has led me to be more loving, more kind to everyone I meet – knowing that each one I meet is an aspect of my Beloved, the source of all love. This realization has led me to be more receptive to the good that my Beloved is always trying to express for me and around me.

This is how I came to feel devoted to Love. My Beloved cannot help but give to me, and I am receptive to it or it passes me by.

Because, day by day, I feel more and more loved it is easy for me to be more patient, more kind, more generous, more like my Beloved. And I have finally learned to walk in the awareness that I give only to my Beloved and it is only my Beloved who gives to me – no matter what it looks like or who is standing in front of me. Always, it is my Beloved.

I am in love with the one who invented Love and the one who invented Love is in love with me ~ and ever shall it be so.


Everything I receive, I receive from God. All that I give, I give only to God.


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