Are You A Scorekeeper?

September 25, 2012

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I used to be such a scorekeeper. I thought everything had strings attached to it. I was often in the mode of giving to get and trying to control and manipulate everything around me. It was exhausting!

The ego is consistently going to try to get us to think that we don’t have. From that state of LACK, we’re propelled into thinking that we NEED to GET in order to have.. And that is where the madness really begins!

If we follow that train of thought we’ll never remember that the kingdom is within and if we seek the kingdom first ALL ELSE will be added unto us. Notice the key words in that – ALL ELSE and also WILL BE – it’s not a vague promise! It’s so simple and clear.

If you notice that in your relationships you’re keeping score and giving to get – you cannot be in the flow of Love. You’re probably not aware of the kingdom within.

Are you really interested in being in a relationship with someone who is focused on trying to manipulate you into giving them something? Does that even remotely feel like Love? Of course not! So, why be that peson? Why be the scorekeeper?

When we open to the flow of Love and focus on giving and receiving Love without attachment then we find that there is an ease and a grace to our life that cannot be present when we’re keeping score.

Keeping score is a form of limitation.
Thoughts of limitation can only bring an experience of limitation.

Is this what you’re interested in?

Keeping score is a habit. I broke that habit by focusing on this thought:

All that I give, I give to God.
All that I receive, I receive from God.
I share from the overflow and am in the flow of LOVE!

Try it! It works!


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