Are You Willing?

September 27, 2012

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As crazy as it sounds and feels, very often we resist our healing to such a degree that we begin to think it’s hopeless. Those of us who are reading spiritual books and taking spiritual classes have so much insight about the steps to take to have a deeper spiritual practice and we know that it is our practice that is the key to our healing and yet we resist.

We say we want a healing, but by our actions we don’t really appear to have the follow through.

In my personal journey, it felt like a spiritual immaturity.
And to make matters worse, I judged myself for it on a daily basis.
I was so often playing small.
I was so often having “opposite day” and sabotaging my relationships.

What I can say for myself is that I felt so vulnerable so much of the time that I was almost always on either the defense or the offense and I was very rarely in my loving heart.

This week in the free class series I’m hosting with Living A Course in Miracles, our topic is Healing in Relationship and I can feel it’s going to be AMAZING! Won’t you join us!

The classes are tonite and tomorrow morning and as always you have a 48 hour free replay – I’m inviting you to increase your willingness and make a plan to listen to the free replay with a loved one and bring on your breakthrough! It’s time for all of us to stop playing small in Love! Let’s be in Love together!

Love is the healer.
Love is the only healer.
Love is all that we are! Let’s be our TRUE selves and be truly helpful to all beings!


I AM in the flow of Love!


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