Don’t Give Up – Give it UP!

September 29, 2012

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I’m so inspired by the classes this week on Healing in Relationship in Living A Course in Miracles. Regina Dawn Akers and I have each had miraculous healing and we’ve both had similar experience. I love it!

For both of us, we started from a place of utter misery and even a sense of overwhelm and desperation. We were so unhappy. We were also trying to work our will and, THANK GOD, it doesn’t work well at all. We both decided to use our intense emotional and mental pain as opportunities to transform our lives.

In a sense, we were in so much mental and emotional pain. We had no idea HOW to heal it, but we knew we couldn’t go on that way. We lost our tolerance for suffering. We decided not to give up, but to give IT up! As in, give the attack thoughts to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing – and we both had to do that a thousands of times, but it worked.

Let’s just say that in order to have YOUR miraculous healing you have to give it over and UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self 5,000 times. And to have your healing you must do this with ever increasing sincerity and willingness, but then you’ll never have to do it again in that same way and in the process you will absolutely learn, to the very CORE of your being, that LOVE is the healer. Let’s just say you have to surrender your point of view, and your judgments to your own holiness until all you have left is a clear, pristine awareness of the truthwould you be willing to start now, or would you delay?

I ask this question, because this is really how it goes. You can put it off as long as you want. Remember that you’re not doing any one a service if you delay, because we’re all joined and when one is lifted ALL are lifted..

Be willing to get on with it and you will discover that your JOY is immense and immediate once you’ve aligned with the Divine. Only you can do this part.

If you’re willing the HOW will reveal itself. Join us and go for it! Invite a loved one to join you and become the two or more who are gathered in the name of the Christ Presence. Bring on your breakthrough!

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I AM so willing to have my miraculous healing!


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