Tell the Ego to GET LOST!

September 10, 2012

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Any walk to know God more closely, to live God more fully includes losing ones attachment to that which no longer serves. This means giving up my deep desire to be right. It means losing my opinion in order to make way for God’s much bigger, much more loving idea. Any time I think I know how it should go or how things should be, any should at all, is a call for me to lose my opinion and get on board with the Divine. Prayer works.

In the past I would find myself pushing and pushing before I remembered to turn it over to Spirit. Sometimes I’d feel very attached to being right. In my desire to be right I’d lose sight of what was really going on. I’d forget that everything was for my healing and for my learning. I’d forget my intention to be loving and fearless. In those moments of pushing I was given the opportunity to practice shifting my identification from ego to Spirit. I learned to continuously relinquish any ego attachment to being right. I found attachment naturally brings with it an avalanche of fear. It must. Any desire to be right is born of fear and like attracts like.

I’m not interested in that anymore. I’m not interested in regurgitating the past. I’m only interested in the unprecedented life of Love that is my destiny.

Today I invite you to have a new experience of letting go. How about telling the ego to get lost? How about losing that attachment? Instead we can remember that Love is the healer and Love is all that we are.

It’s a moment by moment practice of healing. It starts now.


I choose Love and Love chooses me!


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