Good, Better, Best!

September 18, 2012

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I love that little chant that goes:

Good, better, best!
I won’t let it rest till my good is better and my better is best!

I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve applied that thinking to trying to manipulate, manage and control myself and my loved ones. It was exhausting! My work was never done.

It seems crazy to me now, but I used to actually think about how to be a better manipulator of my loved ones. What I was refusing to see was that no matter how RIGHT I was, and no matter how BRILLIANT I was at controlling and manipulating – I could never get what I truly desired – more love in my life!

Next week I’m going to give a free talk online and then a workshop in New York and share some of my thoughts about this topic as part of my series on how to Be A Love Magnet. <click for details>

Have you been putting HUGE amounts of time, attention and energy into being a master manipulator? I have been there and done that and realized the painful results. I now know a better way and I’m SO grateful for my freedom!

I encourage you to be willing to go cold turkey on the habits of manipulating and controlling. I cannot tell you how much more FUN it is to give it all to God and simply be loving. Phew!


I AM willing to give it all to God!


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