No Fences Needed

September 9, 2012

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Is it possible for me to be simultaneously open and receptive to life’s good, to be ready and willing to receive the good of the Universe while also being distrustful or limiting my contact with the world? I don’t think so. In order to receive fully, I must be fully open. In my openness there is both great strength and great vulnerability. It is not easy to remain open and to have faith in the midst of moments that can feel threatening. When I manage to do it, I find that my openness is an invitation to extraordinary gifts.

A Turkish proverb says, “He who builds himself a fence, fences out more than he fences in.” I’ve learned that this is true in my own life and I prefer to keep an open heart. An open heart is a much safer position then one that is fenced in. Love is the healer and Love has to flow because that is it’s nature.

Today, I invite you to release any mental or emotional fences you’ve built to keep others out. Take 5 minutes to consider anyplace where you’ve built a fence around your heart and be willing to let Love flow. Let love flow and allow the healing that it brings. Let in the good that is seeking to find you. Be open to understanding ideas and people that you’ve previously opposed. Today, through your willingness to be open and receptive you move the world in a direction well beyond tolerance to understanding, compassion and acceptance. Every day in every way we live a life that moves the world in a direction of peace. What a blessing!


My heart is open to Love!


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