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September 11, 2012

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Many times in the past I’ve been challenged with trying to be a place of love when I was really in a place of deep and intense judgment. All judgment is born of fear. In those fear filled moments I discovered the practice of losing myself in Spirit through conscious communion, meditation and prayer. I know that the Beloved is Love.

At times when I do not feel loving I surrender any sense of separation and let Spirit love through me and as me. I AM Love. I dissolve any attachment to my opinion and I hold firm to my intention. The Beloved moves through me and I remember myself as One with the One.

I can release all judgment without having to like and approve of the person or their actions, but God can still love through me. My vibration shifts as the fear dissolves. I become a place for my own healing. The Christ Consciousness is awake in me once again. Prayer works.

I used to delay my healing through preferring to hold on to my opinions and judgment. I was identified with the ego and liked the idea of separation, but no more.

Ernest Holmes in his powerful book of essays, Living The Science of Mind, tells us “When Jesus said you have to lose your life to find it he was saying: “You have to lose your hate if you wish to find love … you even have to surrender fear if you wish to discover faith.”

You can affirm that every moment of this day is a powerful opportunity to live with a deep intention to lose any attachment to an opinion In this way you become more available for choosing to live this life in God and as God. In this practice look to see the Divine in everyone and every thing. Soon you will know you are blessed and you’re a blessing wherever you go, whatever you do.

Let’s be so grateful that prayer works. In each moment you can choose to Partner UP! and remember that you ARE Love and you are beloved!


The lover always feels beloved. I AM Love!


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