Working in the Invisible!

September 21, 2012

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Today I’m offering my free class as part of the Living A Course in Miracles series. This week our topic is Healing in Career & Creativity. I was so inspired by last night’s class with the beautiful author Tama Kieves.

I really feel that what we’re offering in these classes is profoundly valuable. It got me thinking:

As spiritual seekers we know that time and space are an illusion. If you’re working, working, working, working in the world of form without working first in the invisible, one of the challenges you’re going to have is the feeling, the belief, and the perception that we don’t have enough time.

Perhaps you’re feeling that time is being wasted. It’s the misuse of time. ’re Perhaps you’re rushing and rushing and rushing to get here, to get there, and feeling exhausted. It’s because you’re focused on working in the visible world, working in density. I call it pushing density.

It’s so much more difficult than doing our primary work in the invisible. Working in the invisible is the use of our mind and our heart, our beliefs and our feelings, our faith. You are so effective at working in the invisible when you become congruent in our heart and mind.

It’s a vicious circle. If you don’t have strong faith, if you don’t have trust in God, you won’t work in the invisible. Maybe you think if you had more time you’d be able to do that, but because you don’t have enough time you can’t do that. So, you have to keep working in density and there isn’t enough time to get ahead so you’re on a hamster wheel of our own making.

Part of what’s happening when you’re doing that, and playing so small in that way, is you are actively sabotaging yourself. But you don’t know why.

This is the thing that was so powerful for me. I was willing to find out why I was sabotaging myself like this. And I was willing to work in the invisible.

I’m going to offer a tele-workshop on November 3rd, and the topic is Healing the Habit of Self-Sabotage – you can read more by Clicking HERE and register now – you can also get this $44 workshop for free as part of the Gold or Platinum Living A Course in Miracles offers.

It’s 2012! Everything is aligned for our healing! Let’s go for it together!


I AM inspired and motivated by LOVE!


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This week, join me with Tama J. Kieves – our topic is Healing in Career & Creativity!


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