Your Story or Your Glory?

September 24, 2012

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There are have been times when I’ve been counseling someone who has the appearance of being “stuck” in their story – their tale of woe and victimhood. For some of us this story from the past can feel really thick and dense and sticky.

Very often when something disappointing or painful, something upsetting and terrifying happens to us, where we feel betrayed and abused, we can draw conclusions about our self-worth and our value. The ego mind loves to interpret and make meaning of things. The ego mind is like a meaning making machine – and it’s all false! In every case where the ego is making meaning and interpreting the events of our life, it’s a story – it’s not the truth.

If you choose to believe the story the ego mind has made up, then it’s like you’ve taken it on. Literally, it can seem like you wear it like a garment. It will become to seem like it’s your identity. The false interpretation, the negative meaning becomes a false identity. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose sight of your true identity as a pure being of light and love and become convinced that you’re a completely false identity. People will stay in the story for decades.

Some people become so attached to the false identity, and so invested in it, that it completely deforms their whole life experience. You know this is happening when you are looking around your life every day gathering the evidence to support your story. If you’re gathering evidence to support why you are limited and in lack, then you’re convinced of the story.

The good news is that the Truth will ALWAYS set you free when you’re willing to believe it.

This is one of the reasons why I love stories of redemption. My own life has become a story of redemption and now I’m able to shine God’s Glory rather than continue to perpetuate the ego’s story.

The question to ask yourself is what will you choose to pour your precious life energy into:

Your story or Your Glory?

Your glory is the glory of God and when you focus on choosing Love the glory of God naturally unfolds because Love is your true identity and it is always GLORIOUS!

If you choose the story and you feel the pain and restriction of the limitation and lack – choose again! Don’t look back – choose again! Onward and upward!


I AM the glory of God’s Love unfolding! Thank God for my life of Love!


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