Angry No More!

October 5, 2012

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Last week I got to walk around my old neighborhood in Manhattan and see friends I’ve had for 30 years. Seeing the old familiar places I could remember how I used to feel walking those same streets. Things have changed so much!

I used to be such an angry person. Life was very intense for me because I was taking offense at everything. It’s hard for me to really remember, but I bet there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t get really angry at least once – at least until my 30’s.

I used to get triggered by everything. In fact, I used to look for things to get triggered over in order to have an excuse to get angry.

I had no idea how to heal that anger. Using a psychological approach it’s hard to imagine I could ever have had healing it felt so deep and intense.

Ultimately, the pain that I felt drove me to find the healing I now enjoy and am so grateful for. I’m so grateful I can share with others what I learned about healing.

Now, I’m grateful for the past, and even for my suffering because what I’ve learned feels so beneficial and I share those benefits every day. That’s a true miracle!

This week in Living A Course in Miracles our topic is Healing Anger & Hurt. These classes are free and I hope you’ll take advantage of them and share them with anyone you think could benefit.

I made myself so miserable for so long and I’m grateful now that it’s over and I can enjoy a truly peaceful life! What a blessing! Believe!


I AM willing to accept my healing now.


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