Being True

October 23, 2012

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One of the biggest challenges I see many people facing day in and day out is a sense of unworthiness. What I observe is that people often break their promises to themselves and others. They make agreements that they don’t keep.

It makes sense to me that if you don’t keep your word that you might not feel worthy of God’s Grace & Goodness.

The invitation today is to look at any place in your life where you consistently break your word. Would you be willing to change that.

Do you tell yourself you’re going to do something to improve your life and then you keep putting it off?

Do you say that you’ll develop better habits when things in the world are different?

Where have you made your commitment to yourself conditional and based upon what OTHERS are doing?

Our healing is at hand! Let us be true to ourselves and true to God – our heart IS the heart of God! Let us live in gratitude and joy that no matter how low we have sunk we can rise to our Divinity today!


I AM grateful to start again in Love today!


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