Cultivating Stillness

October 3, 2012

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I’ve been on a few planes and many hours in the air over the last couple of days from New York to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Hawaii. What I’ve noticed around me is a number of people have a similar thing going on:

  • The jingling leg – they seem to be unaware that they are tapping their leg with such force and speed it’s like they’re preparing for take off themselves!
  • I notice many people seem uncomfortable just relaxing. They’d rather read the airline safety card or the vomit bag than have nothing to think about.

When I’m on a plane I can always feel that there are those who are nervous and anxious for any number of reasons. Traveling can make us feel very vulnerable – I feel that way often when I’m traveling because I’m so empathic and there are often many upset people on planes and in airplanes.

Getting searched isn’t relaxing. Many people are on the way to stressful events like funerals and family gatherings. It’s all a jumble.

Traveling through the various airports yesterday I was making an extra effort to be calm, peaceful and compassionate. Intending to emanate those vibrations of serenity. I remembered many years ago, traveling with a boyfriend who “accused” me of being unfriendly while traveling. I couldn’t have articulated it at the time, but now I know that I’m such an empath – that I can sense so much of what others are feeling – and I was just on sensory overload. I didn’t know how to handle it then and I wasn’t feeling so compassionate either!

When we cultivate the inner stillness then we can take that balance everywhere we go and make an offering of it – extending Peace & Harmony to our fellow travelers. In this way we are both blessed AND a blessing. How wonderful!


I AM walking in Peace today!


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