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October 15, 2012

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This past weekend I flew from Hawaii to Salt Lake City and then home to Los Angeles. In Salt Lake City, my friend Susan Lynn who is participating in this years Masterful Living Course met me and gave me a ride from my hotel at Snowbird to the airport. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and catch up in person.

Susan asked me how it was that I was able to stay so healthy with traveling to New Jersey, New York, several Hawaiian islands, Salt Lake City and back to Los Angeles – while also having so much energy. My first answer was that by focusing on Love and actively reducing my negative thoughts life is much easier and I have so much more energy.

It also helps to eat lots of super foods and healthy, organic high-vibrational food from the rainforest. In fact, I was in Salt Lake City to attend the Amazon Herb Company annual summit which I’ve been attending for many years. (http://jennifer.amazonherb.net/) I love the products so much I became a distributor about six years ago and I’m one of their best customers. If you’d like to know anything about the nutrition and skincare and tea I enjoy every day, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to share more.

I don’t think about it that much, but it’s really true that by no longer investing in so much negativity I do experience tremendous ease and grace in my daily experiences. There are still challenges all the time, but they are so much easier to handle. I have energy and stamina most of the time to do the things that I feel inspired and led to do. It’s a blessed way to live.

Today is the new moon and it’s a time for me of New Moon Ceremony. I’m getting together today with my prayer partner and friend, Rhonda Britten, and we’re going to do new moon ceremony, anchoring our inspirations and planting new seeds of intention. Aligning COMPLETELY with Divine Will is what I’m most interested in.

I invite you to create a new moon ceremony of your own – make it sacred with prayer and energizing the elements, making offerings of smoke and fire and water as well as sacred sound. It’s wonderful to dot his alone and also in a group of friends. Break bread together and make it joyful.

There’s never been a more sacred and holy time than right now. Every choice we make is so important. Many people will chase and chase their happiness, thinking that it’s something they have to get. Everything is within and so we learn to seek this Divine Expression of Love and as the activity and direction of our life, and all else is added unto us.

Today is a day for counting blessings, energizing ease and grace and planting seeds of Love! As much as I love to eat super foods from the Amazon, I know that LOVE is the #1 super food, energizer, youthinizer, anti-aging, activator of all time! Yes!


I AM activating ease and grace in all areas of my life expression!


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