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October 11, 2012

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Yesterday I got to do something I’ve hoped to do for a long time – I got to swim with dolphins in the wild! What an amazing and healing experience.

I believe I was a dolphin in a past life. I just love dolphins and whales. Sometimes I have dreams that I’m a dolphin. It’s quite amazing. (BTW, if you come on the retreat with me and David Hoffmeister in February, we’ll go swim with them together! – to find out more about the retreat CLICK HERE)

When I got in the water today – on a private charter boat near Kona – as soon as I got my head in the water I could here them speaking and I thought “my people!” There’s such a wonderful connection – I was with a small group of folks and there were probably 100 dolphins in the pod around us.

These were spinner dolphins – see the picture – they were this close! They love to spin and jump in the air! They were swimming all around us – they would come amazingly close one at a time or in groups, circling around or just swimming close – they were swimming under and around us in such a way that it was so uplifting! I even got to see baby dolphins with their moms!

Prior to going out – the night before and in the morning before, I prayed and asked to experience the heart healing energy of these precious beings. I opened myself to allow the healing and they brought it with such love and joyfulness! What a blessing!

I feel doubly blessed that I get to share with you!


I AM available for my healing!


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