Love is Everything

October 2, 2012

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While on my recent trip to New York I spent time with my brother and family. My youngest nephew, Mikey, is the fourth child. He’s 9 years younger than his next oldest sibling. My sister-in-law had Mikey when she was 48. When she found out she was pregnant it was a shock – she’d been told that she couldn’t get pregnant again. Oops!

Mikey joined the family at a time when many of us had worked out a lot of our issues. We were a much happier bunch when he came along and it shows in his approach to life. What is so noticeable about Mikey is that he is so easy going and it definitely seems to be because he is completely loved by everyone in the family. We all enjoy him. We all love to spend time with him. We all find him interesting and fun. We’re all grateful he’s in our lives.

Mikey is so good at sharing. If he’s enjoying something he always offers to share it. He loves to be helpful and friendly and he doesn’t create trouble – not even when it’s time to go to bed.

Mikey has been so loved since the day he was born and it really shows. Imagine it you had been so loved and cherished and cared for? What difference might it have made in your life and how you feel about yourself.

It’s really not too late to find out what that feels like. Regardless of what you might THINK is possible, Love is the great healer. Love is everything. You can live NOW as though you are loved and cherished profoundly in every moment, because in Truth, you ARE that loved.

It’s up to you – you get to decide HOW you will live. Why not live in the awareness that you are profoundly loved and no one is more loved that you are. How could they be if you’re one with them?

Go on, accept the Love!


I AM loved.


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