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October 9, 2012

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To me the trees are such a great example of prosperity. They share and share and SHARE! They are giving so much consistently and so magnificently. I feel such a deep bond with the trees of this planet. To me they are powerful spiritual teachers.

Here on the island of Kauai there are the most inspiring trees – the massive Japanese cypress are such an example of expanded consciousness. Yesterday I was able to sit and meditate in a grove of rainbow eucalyptus trees – very inspiring!

The trees shine forth the message of being able to stand strong and hold the high consciousness for all. It’s a gorgeous example of love and generosity – the essence of prosperity.

Where I was sitting, the mountains were all around and there were white cranes flying by bringing another message of longevity and wisdom. It was a very nurturing experience for which I’m grateful.

Blessings abound. Prosperity is always available. It’s our spiritual duty to tune into it and share!


I AM in the flow of prosperity!


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