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October 8, 2012

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On Saturday when hiked out to Shipman’s beach where I got to swim with the sea turtles, I met a family with young kids – about 6 and 8 years old – who had hiked out. They had started further away and taken a more circuitous route – my hike was 90 minutes and theirs was 3 hours. They were tired, because they hadn’t expected to have it take so long and be so far. They weren’t quite prepared. The father was concerned that should start back right away and not even bother to swim. He was a bit worried about making it back with young ones. I felt they’d be ok, but it wouldn’t be easy for them.

As I was hiking back to where I’d parked my car I kept sending blessings and prayers to support their journey back. I continued on blessing friends and loved ones, people that I was holding in prayer. It’s a wonderful way to lift the energy of concern and even to strengthen the muscles and relax the mind.

I was feeling a bit tired on the last half of my journey and glad that I would only have about 45 minutes more – even though it was an absolutely gorgeous hike.

As I was going along I noticed this heart-shaped leaf perfectly landed in a mud puddle. The path was very muddy and there were many of these leaves along the way, but this is the only one I saw that was heart-shaped – all the others were oval.

I took it as a sign of blessing – it stuck out so beautifully against the mud and reminded me that even on a muddy, dirty, tiring adventure, the Love always shines forth and is ever present.

I just had to take out my camera and snap a picture to share with you, my dear prayer partner – I knew that you’d get it! God bless!


I AM blessed always! My life is a life of Love.


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