There’s Nothing to Get!

October 16, 2012

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What a relief it is to realize there’s NO THING to get. However, I couldn’t gain this awareness until I was willing to value what has already been given.

In A Course in Miracles it says – “Ask and it is given, because it already HAS been given.” This is the eternal Truth that sets us FREE!”

However, it is also eternal Truth that we must have
the eyes to see
and the ears to hear
in order to be able to RECOGNIZE the Truth.

The Truth is available to all of us in every moment of our life. The Truth is not elusive – it is WE who are elusive – we run and hide from our awakening in order to worship a false self, a false god. We keep ourselves on the endless hamster wheel of samsara – the endless churning and turning of investing in the false BELIEF that we do not have and we must get in order to be worthy.

You, my dear friend, are worthy of the love that YOU are and all you need to do to KNOW it with all your heart is to give all your heart to being Loving.

Be wholehearted and you’ll recognize that it’s ALL already been given to you! What a blessing! LOVE now and you can have it all!


I AM wiling to live the Love that I AM!


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