True Peace

October 6, 2012

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The other day I got to share much of it with David Hoffmeister. David is a wonderful spiritual teacher and we have become friends through doing the Living A Course in Miracles classes together.

The other day we were meeting to catch up after several months of our various travels and activities and we’re here at the Kalani Retreat Center on the big island of Hawaii planning our winter retreats together – click here for more info on the retreats – David and I always love to come together and celebrate the life we are living.

We’ve both really worked at our healing.
It’s not been easy for either of us.

We were sharing about how in our 20’s we both got to a point of extreme disillusionment. In a very real sense, the emotional, mental, and spiritual pain we felt drove us to give up. We surrendered trying to make it happen and make it work and we began to open to the voice of God in our awareness.

It was deeply challenging and yet that pain was what we needed to push us to the point of surrender. Once we gave it up for God then we could open to the possibility of true healing and everything began to change for us.

And still it wasn’t easy.
Yet, now it is much easier. So much easier.
The confusion is gone.

The burden is easy and the yoke is light.
And this is what we’d like to share with you – on our retreats, and also in the class next week in Living A Course in Miracles when we share about Healing in the Mind – Healing Depression.

And by the way – if you’re thinking of joining us in Hawaii – check out this picture I took at the tide pools here – the lava from the volcano flowed down to the ocean and formed these gorgeous tide pools for us to snorkel in. It’s like snorkeling in your own private tropical aquarium. It’s like God designed the perfect experience of harmony for us to share with nature. Amazing and beautiful! I know that I can appreciate it SO much more because I’m not that angry, upset person I used to be. What a blessing!


I AM grateful for my healing!


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