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November 23, 2012

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I’ve received such a blessing and I’d like to pass it along to you – while I was in Ireland I got to spend several hours with Lorna Byrne, the Irish mystic who has written several books including Angels In My Hair.

Lorna is such an inspiration to me. I have the folks in my year long Masterful Living Class read her books. She has shared so much of her personal experience of spiritual growth as someone who can clearly see everyone’s guardian angel and many other angels as well. Lorna and I sat and talked for hours and I’ll be releasing that audio next week as well as video.

In Ireland, Lorna is considered a saint by many and she is quite saintly in her way. We talked for almost an hour about the power of prayer and one of the things that we shared about is her perception of how the angels answer our prayers. We are both absolutely convinced of the amazing healing and helping power of prayer.

Here’s a note about listening to the angels – on the way to meet Lorna i thought I’d stop off at a bakery and get some cakes for tea time. I asked the angels to tell me what is Lorna’s favorite. I immediately perceived the word “cream.” And then I saw a picture of a chocolate eclair.

When I went into the french bakery, there with the most gorgeous eclairs. I got an assortment of pastries, tarts and a couple of eclairs. When I sat down with Lorna, before we opened the box of pastries, I asked her what was her favorite and she thought for a moment and said – apple, or something with cream – I love an eclair.” Then she told me a story about how the eclair has a special significance for her and her family because when times were hard and they could have a little treat the whole family would split one eclair and share it among them and just seeing one brings back a happy memory to her.

You see! The angels are always speaking to us – we can learn to ask!

Lorna shared wonderful stories with me of how the angels answer people’s prayers. She explained how she sees the angels around us all the time working so diligently to help us hear the Divine Guidance that they offer. She affirmed that our willingness is really all that’s required to have an amazing life of extraordinary love.

I shared that I’ve learned I cannot pray just for myself, I feel compelled to include everyone, including Mother Earth and all her many kingdoms in each prayer. Let us ALL be blessed.

In my 7 week Finding Freedom and also the year long Masterful Living classes we have a focus on prayer. Just this week in Finding Freedom, two people who are also in Masterful Living shared how much benefit they received from learning affirmative prayer and using it daily and with their prayer partners in classes.

I invite you to begin to pray now and pray often. There’s no charge and so much benefit! Next year, as part of Masterful Living, you’ll be able to really get steeped in prayer and discover HOW MUCH benefit there is for you!

Prayer is the most amazing power tool and yet so few realize it and pray often – even the most dedicated spiritual seekers do not pray very often. Begin now and watch your life improve!

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