Arrived in Dublin

November 16, 2012

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It’s been a long journey from Los Angeles to Dublin and SO worth it. I was able to join a local ACIM group gathered right near my hotel and that was a lovely opportunity to connect with soul mates doing the same deep work that we are. What a blessing!

I’ve been having lots of technical challenges and seeming breakdowns, but I feel blessed nonetheless. I feel grateful that even when the appearance is not what I would have it be, I can look within and make course corrections – all the while being at peace, knowing the truth. I’ve traveled a LONG way to get to this sweet awareness.

I’ve learned that even when people seem to let me down that it is just the ego. When the systems break down it is for something greater to emerge.

Even though there are difficulties, I’m so grateful to be in Ireland and to feel the warmth and beauty of the people here. Gorgeous!

I take you with me, my sweet prayer partner! Tomorrow, Belfast! You can see my itinerary here:


I can see peace in everything.

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