Blessings Received!

November 29, 2012

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Today, I travel from Germany to UK for the two events in London – Friday night and on Saturday. Yesterday was my birthday and my prayer partners all over the world have poured out such a blessing of LOVE and I have received it. There’s nothing, absolutely NO THING BETTER than being in the flow of Love and yesterday there was such abundance – it rings like a bell today in my heart – echoing with such authority: All is well, all is good, all is right, Truth prevails!

I had such a blessing yesterday – catch this: All of the European students who are in my Masterful Living 2012 class came together for the first time to surprise me for my birthday! We even had one Finding Freedom student from the Netherlands!

I feel so blessed! It has been my dream for many years to be able to share the healing and the profound opening that is possible for us when we dedicate ourselves. My own healing has been and continues to be so miraculous, being able to share it is the best part of my life.

I’m amazed every day at what is unfolding and here is some delicious proof! The healing is happening! I know because the Masterful Living and Finding Freedom folks are constantly sharing it with me. Our circle last night was such a joy! We all recognized that we are a precious spiritual family even though we had not met in person before.

I find that Masterful Living people have such a dedication and commitment it is a joy to be a part of our group!

    Here’s what life is constantly teaching me:

It is done unto YOU as you BELIEVE.
You WILL see it when YOU believe it!
Focus on changing your beliefs – energize the ideal and watch God do all the heavy lifting!
There is NO big or small in God. ALL is One and all IS well.

I love it! I love you! My precious prayer partner! Thank you!


I AM willing to receive all the blessings that are mine to receive!

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