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November 5, 2012

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It’s all about love. When I boil every want and need down, what I most desire is to be in the flow of giving and receiving Love. At all times in all circumstances love is the great healer and I want to be in the flow of it, never blocking, never resisting, never reluctant – let me be always available, always receptive to Love. I cultivate a deep desire to be Love’s humble servant, Love’s great recipient. I AM available for Love to be my guide and my teacher.

I choose Love over judgment, blame and shame. I consciously turn away from the impulse to energize an opinion or a judgment or any other thought that takes me out of the flow of Love. Because I am committed to living in non-judgment, no one ever has the power to make me feel ashamed.

It is only the one who judges who ever feels judged. I release any need to be right and focus on my choice to love. There is no part of me that agrees with shame and blame when I’m focused on Love. I know this now and so it’s easy to choose love and stay in the flow.

Love, my teacher, is always with me and never leaves me. Love always provides a light that shows me the way to higher ground and the expansive view, the clear fresh air of liberation and freedom from the tyranny of the small mind. I am so grateful.

I desire to walk and talk with Love wherever I go and whatever I do. I am in Love with Love and Love is in Love with me. I have all that I desire and everything else is being added unto me. It’s super, duper yummy and I am so very grateful.


I AM available for Love to be my guide and my teacher. I choose Love and Love chooses me. I have all that I desire. I AM free!


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