Celebrating Love!

November 26, 2012

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There is always much to celebrate. And yet, I find that sometimes I do not celebrate the victories that are the milestones of my life. Every heart opening is worthy of celebration. I want to make a new habit of looking for moments to celebrate every day.
If I let it, the media can make it seem as if I live in a culture that is focused on tragedy and ever encroaching horror. I must be stronger than the messages of the media and remember that I am here to know and to show that heaven is at hand. The consistency of my nonviolent practice is proof of the possibility. The ever increasing love in my life is proof that there is much to celebrate. My ability to release old fears and old beliefs that are not true is reason enough to celebrate.
Walt Whitman gave us an eternal invitation to join him in celebration when he wrote, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” I take his words into my daily spiritual practice.
Today I nurture the element of anticipatory celebration of what is unfolding: more peace, more love, more joy. I celebrate that I will be of a higher vibration at the end of this day than I am right now because of my deep commitment to my daily spiritual practice. I celebrate that I am a benefit to the people I meet on the path because of my practice. I end each day with a celebration of the love that now exists in the world because of my walk in it.
Today I want to take time to celebrate my expanding consciousness. Every drop of love I give and receive is worthy of celebration. I enjoy my ability and my awareness to make celebration part of my practice of nonviolence. I invite others to join with me in the daily celebration that life is. I am so grateful that in this awareness there is so much to celebrate. As I look to see, I CAN see. I can share the celebration with others and know it spreads. The light increases and the illusion of darkness recedes. All of life celebrates with me. In this way peace prevails.


I celebrate my awareness of LOVE! I AM loving and I am LOVED!

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