Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

November 2, 2012

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How much easier would my life be if I always took the time to stop and think before I took action or spoke? How often do I push ahead trying to impose my will on a situation? How often do I think I know best when I really haven’t stopped to examine things from a higher perspective?

One thing I know for certain is that my mind can either be my greatest asset or my biggest liability depending on whether I’m thinking with my heart/Higher Holy Spirit Self or with the ego. Over-thinking and getting into the analytical mind can often be a form of self-sabotage.

I can think my way into a disconnect from my heart, or I can use my mind that is in the heart – my heart intelligence to bring a profound connection with my Spirit. Sometimes I can distracted by becoming so analytical that I’m thinking about my thinking without getting into my Heart/Spirit connection.

What I’ve learned is that connecting to the heart is the way to tap into Divine Intelligence. When I’m tuned into Divine Intelligence I move well beyond my ability to simply process information and into the flow – the true Freedom of the Spirit.

Eric Butterworth says, “In the face of delays and obstacles it is well to think twice before you willfully seek to force a solution according to your predetermined plan. The closed door may indicate that the divine law of adjustment is pointing to another door through which you can go to meet your greater good.”

Today I invite you to examine you life for any areas where you might be trying to impose your will through over-thinking and analyzing from an ego perspective. Today allow yourself to invite higher insight to be heard through connecting with the Divine Wisdom of the Higher Holy Spirit Self. In this way, thinking takes on a new level of consciousness and awareness. In this, you canfeel a deep and profound connection to all of life and be grateful. Your personal practice of nonviolence moves the world in a direction of peace easily and gracefully.

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