Give it UP!!!!

November 9, 2012

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This week I started my 7 week Spiritual bootcamp class – Finding Freedom – and it always fires me up because I get to share the tools and techniques that have completely changed my life for the better. I get renewed and excited every time I offer the class. I’m particularly reminded that although we can feel caught in the muck and mire of limitations – it’s never actually TRUE unless we believe it and affirm it.

For me it has often felt so intensely difficult to change my mind. I’ve felt so entrenched in my beliefs and opinions that I believed them. I had idea that the reason why I felt such anger and despair was because I was believing things that weren’t true. The ego is so tricky. And yes, it can feel like quicksand. It can feel like it’s so much easier to just give up. Instead, I’ve learned to give it UP!!!

Right now, can you think of some issue you’ve been struggling with? Perhaps there’s a belief that when you think of it, you feel so upset?

If you’re really upset, then you’re probably “shoulding” on yourself and that’s always upsetting. Our shoulds aren’t true, that’s why it’s so upsetting.

When I feel like I’m struggling then I absolutely KNOW it’s time to Partner UP! and stop trying to work my will. Instead I look to align with Divine will and move into ease and grace.

I remember when it felt like making the shift was nearly impossible. The thicker the resistance, the more intense the reluctance, the closer the breakthrough is. It does seem that the ego will hold on FIERCELY. However, Love is the only power. Love trumps the ego every time.

So, this is why we deepen our spiritual practice – so that we are convinced that Love is the way!

Today let us give it UP for Love!


Love is the healer of my life. I allow my healing!

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