God Makes the Way

November 17, 2012

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I’ve learned to stop trying to work my will and align with Divine Will, which actually is my will. I AM that I AM and so there really is no separate will, only the illusion of one and that is such good news!

I’ve had all the difficult experiences I need to have in order to be clear that working my will is not going to give me the fulfillment of the deep desire of my heart. Operating from the idea of separation and aligning
with the egotistical will of the small, selfish self, I can only, at best, FEEL full, and never actually experience the great fulfillment that is mine to share and rest in.

What’s wonderful is that the more I align with my true identity, the more my hearts desire is fulfilled. The more I follow Divine guidance, the more in tune with ALL life I feel!

Last evening in Belfast, I had a lovely dinner at a castle overlooking the city with two sisters I’ve never met before and had the most beautiful, intimate and FULL-FILLING discussion. Every part of the evening was
delicious and delightful. My willingness was all that was required.

This time last year I received the guidance that it was time for me to go Ireland. I didn’t know how, but I trusted that if it was mine to experience the details would be provided. It’s a constant surrender and
for that I AM now so grateful. The more I surrender, the better things go!

I love taking you on this journey with me, my precious partner in prayer! The Freedom to simply BE is in our hearts and that is what we’re finding together! Thank you for your YES!!

I take you with me, my sweet prayer partner! Today, Belfast! You can see my itinerary here: https://jenniferhadley.com/europe/


I AM willing to BE free!

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