I Can See Clearly Now the Judgment’s Gone!

November 27, 2012

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Have you ever made a snap judgment and lived to regret it? I have. I wish I could say I only ever did it once and that was enough for me to learn better.

What I’ve definitely learned is that there’s a huge difference between judgment and evaluation. When I pass judgment on someone I bring my insecurities to bear by means of my opinion. Discernment means looking at a person or situation from a place other than my projections and insecurities. A judgment allows me to quickly categorize someone and move on. Discernment takes time – it’s an investment. It requires looking to see the truth, rather than the projection. I could even say that it in order to properly evaluate anyone or anything it takes looking with new eyes. Knowing that Love is unconditional, I am intent on seeing with eyes of Love.

Masterful Living, my year long class, is about cultivating a pristine awareness – which requires a willingness to see with eyes of Love. A little willingness can bring extraordinary healing.

In the song “Amazing Grace,” the lyric tell us “I was blind, but now I see.” To judge someone rather than choosing to discern is definitely a kind of blindness. I desire to see and know the truth rather than having my fears confirmed. I don’t need to be right anymore. In order for me to judge with righteous judgment, I must be in tune with my heart and looking with eyes of love. From this vantage point I can evaluate anything for the purpose of bringing the healing light of love to it. Why would I ever again allow myself to settle for less?

Today, I invite you to develop a practice of discernment rather than judging and I know that it will surely change your life as it has miraculously changed mine. You can cultivate your willingness to discern. Leave room for grace in all your discernment, especially when examining your self and your choices. By leaving behind the habit of judgment we move the world powerfully in the direction of peace every day. What a blessing!


I AM willing to see clearly.

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