On the Eve of Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

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Here in Dublin, Ireland where I am having such a lovely time, we won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I’m still filled with gratitude.

I won’t be having a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, yet I’ll still be with loved ones and filled with an awareness of good fortune.

Over the past weekend I was sharing in the workshops I led that I had, in the past, gotten so upset on Thanksgiving and other holidays that I absolutely ruined them for everyone in the family. I would really lose my temper and lose control of myself to the point where I didn’t care who got hurt. It was devastating for me. It’s also what motivated me to be loving and compassionate and discover a better way.

I knew I couldn’t just sublimate how I felt. Somehow I knew that I had to heal my mind and change my thinking and for that I’m grateful. It has really worked. It’s been years now since I can remember feeling really upset about anything.

I’m inviting you to consider that the key to your happiness is your willingness to change your mind combined with a willingness to be loving and compassionate as well as to take responsibility for your feelings. When you are willing to be responsible for choosing to invest your believe thoughts that aren’t true. Whenever we invest in thoughts that aren’t true it’s always upsetting. Thank God that we cannot believe a lie and feel comfortable.

This is our motivation to choose Love! It’s always available if we choose it. Our willingness to choose again and to take responsibility with ZERO blame is so beautiful, powerful and healing. Love is the healer.

This holiday, be willing to invite Love, the great healer, to your Thanksgiving experience and you’ll see a magnificent difference in yourself and it has to show up at the table with you. Seek first the Kingdom and all else will be added unto you!


I AM willing to be willing!

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