Surrender to Find Freedom!

November 1, 2012

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“When Jesus said you have to lose your life to find it he was saying: You have to lose your hate if you wish to find love … you even have to surrender fear if you wish to discover faith.” Earnest Homes, Living The Science of Mind

I am fully committed to living fearlessly which I can only do by relinquishing my petty concerns for the highest possible choice that I can find in the moment.

Any walk to know God more closely, to live God more fully is a walk of surrender. What does surrender mean? It means giving up my opinion in order to make way for God’s much bigger, much more loving idea. Any time I think I know how it should go or how things should be, any should at all, is a call for me to surrender.

Sometimes I find myself pushing and pushing before I remember to turn it over to God. Sometimes I’m very attached to being right. In my desire to be right I can lose sight of my intention to be loving, to be fearless. In that moment I can only surrender. I must relinquish my desire to be right. I surrender fear. I surrender doubt. I surrender worry.

Many times in the past I’ve been challenged with trying to be a place of love when I was really in a place of deep and intense judgment. My judgment was born of my fear. In these moments I discovered the practice of surrendering to God. I know that God is love and God loves all as itself. At times when I do not feel loving I surrender to God and let God love through me and as me. I relinquish my attachment to my opinion and I hold firm to my intention. God moves through me. It doesn’t mean that I have to like the person or their actions, but God can still love through me. My vibration shifts as the fear dissolves. I become a place for healing. The Christ Consciousness is awake in me. This is the power of surrender.

Every moment of every day is a powerful opportunity for me to live with a deep intention to surrender even more fully to living this life in God and as God and to seeing God in everyone and every thing. In this way I am blessed and a blessing wherever I go, whatever I do.


I AM willing to know myself and live a life of everlasting Freedom!


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