True Freedom

November 12, 2012

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Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I have my ruby slippers. Only mine are high heels and I didn’t get them from a witch I killed with my house. I bought them in a store, on sale, I might add. However, when I’m wearing them, their ruby red color reminds me that I’m a lot like Dorothy. I’ve had a lot of adventures, with a lot of interesting characters who are all reflecting back to me the state of my awareness. I’m also aware that right now, I’m interested in going home – which, to me, means waking up. This is my Freedom. True Freedom.

I’ve learned that Freedom is a spiritual quality. It’s my inheritance. I cannot achieve my fullest experience of Freedom through ANY other means but spiritual practice. Moving things around in the world (what I call “pushing density”) is not going to bring me Freedom. Freedom is mine to realize or not.

Freedom must be realized in you in order to be experienced. If you don’t feel free because of something outside of you then it is because you are focused on limitation. You can ask yourself: Who is it that is choosing this limitation? Is it me, or is it the ego?

I AM that I AM.

It’s time for us all to go home again in our consciousness. You can choose this if we would like to. Your willingness is all that is required. HOW do you do it? How do you travel from limitation to Freedom? One choice at a time. That’s exactly why I offer my Finding Freedom 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp class. We’re just starting. If you’d like support for busing loose from limitation – that’s what I’m here for. That’s my passion!

True Freedom is your destiny! Why wait? Choosing Love is the way!

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A Course in Miracles, Jennifer HadleyWhat can turbo-charge your spiritual growth and expansion in the most DIRECT WAY? Spiritual practices. You must DO spiritual practices to build your spiritual strength, just as you must work out to build your physical muscles. There’s NO OTHER WAY. That’s why I offer my Finding Freedom spiritual boot camp, which is like having a loving, authentic personal trainer for your spiritual life. I cannot do it for you, but I can do it with you – and I will if you’re willing. When you’re ready to go for it, you just know! Click here to watch my Finding Freedom video and see if this is right for you right now.


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