Will You Be My Hero?

November 10, 2012

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We love super heroes: Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman. We love the idea that someone could suddenly transcend human limitations and experience Godlike powers. We love to imagine ourselves battling evil, able to give selflessly for the good of all. It’s especially exciting because so often we’re caught in a mire of negativity and the idea of simply being kind in a challenging moment eludes us.

What if we decided to be Super Heroes? What if our super powers were the ability to forgive no matter what happened? What if we could actually forgive 70 x 70? Wouldn’t that be awesome in the true sense of the word? To have a heart so big and mind so awake that we could fully forgive everyone in our family AND that guy who took our parking space? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate cool?

What if you could develop the Super Power of being kind in all circumstances, having compassion for everyone, letting others go first, incapable of holding onto resentment, able to leap tall fears with a single smile. Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? Wouldn’t that be completely powerful and life changing, Godlike? Surely everyone in Metropolis would feel and know your super powers. And wouldn’t you be able to walk amongst the people cleverly disguised as mild-mannered you. People would know there was something unique, something extraordinary about you, but they wouldn’t realize that you were actually a super hero in disguise. Fantastic!

Wouldn’t it be super duper if everyone could realize they were born with these super powers and more? These powers lay dormant in your spirit, encoded into your being and made manifest in your cellular structure. The kryptonite that keeps you playing so very, very small is only your judgment. As long as you hold onto judgment you are like Superman with a big bag of kryptonite in his lap.

Today claim you full powers as the I AM that I AM. Release all judgments and fulfill your destiny. Reveal your true nature, worthy to be as our Creator created you. Today at last declare yourself as a superhero and walk in your greatness. Accept your super powers with genuine humility and no longer deny that you ARE worthy of the Power that has already been given you. Today release all judgment and align with your inner superhero and no thing can stand in your way. Today do what is yours to do: Love with heroic strength, sharing your super hero powers everywhere! Forgive that which is yours to forgive. Align with your destiny. In this way the I AM is a powerful and healing presence in the world AS you! Bonus!

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