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November 18, 2012

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A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

People often tell me that they have a deep desire of the heart and they wish that they had the ability to follow through. Sometimes people share with me that they feel guided and led to a particular path, or expression and yet they don’t feel comfortable making that journey.

So often folks don’t move forward because they don’t know HOW to bring it about. They don’t begin because they don’t know ahead of time if it will turn out or not.

They know that they could move forward if they had Faith. They could step up if they could place their trust in God, but they are afraid to make a move.

What I’ve learned is that I often have no idea how things will work out. How COULD I know. I’m not able to see into the future. There are many decisions and choices along the way. How could I ever know how a venture will unfold?

I’ve learned that HOW is none of my business. My business is to listen and follow. My business is to be available for Divine guidance and direction and to move when I feel called, REGARDLESS of whether or not it’s familiar to me.

More often than not, the road I’m on is not familiar in the since that I haven’t gone down that road before – like yesterday. Yesterday I offered a workshop in Belfast, Ireland. I’d never been there before. I’d never met anyone from Belfast before.

A year ago I felt that I’d gotten the guidance that it was a good time for me to go to Europe and specifically to Germany, Ireland and the UK. I was willing, but I had no idea HOW it would unfold. My willingness was all that was required.

While I didn’t know the details, I did feel that when I got to Europe I would meet my brothers and sisters. I felt that when I got to Ireland I would feel at home. That was all I knew for sure. I followed that feeling like a trail of bread crumbs and the result is that we had a fabulous workshop and it all came together beautifully. As they say here in Ireland “it was grand!”

What are you denying yourself the joy of simply because you don’t YET know HOW it will happen? Be willing to go in the direction of your heart’s calling. One foot in front of the other and it will be revealed. Why wait and fantasy what it COULD be like, if only? You deserve more than an empty fantasy!


I AM willing to follow the guidance I receive.

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