You can trade WANTING for HAVING!

November 25, 2012

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If you’ve been in class with me for a while, no doubt you’ve heard me share about the pain and suffering caused by giving energy to the ego’s endless wanting, needing and craving.

Liberation comes when we are willing to really LIVE the teaching “Seek first the Kingdom, which is within, and all else will be added unto you.” It took me so long to get that teaching and really allow it to land in my heart. I was so convinced that what I WANTED was outside myself. I was becoming exhausted from seeking, but not finding. I experienced the opposite of living masterfully. I was feeling like a fool.

While looking outside myself, I would have momentary bursts of happiness and a sense of peace. These would often coincide with my attaining some goal. I would feel a momentary calm because for a moment, I had something I thought I wanted and I gave the wanting, needing, and craving a short rest. Phew!

Of course I couldn’t trust it. Soon, the craving and wanting would begin again and I’d put on my boots and go searching outside myself again. That sense of mastery that I was looking for was feeling further and further away.

The end of WANTING came when I finally decided to REALLY commit to look within. I decided to place my trust and faith in seeking the kingdom. Having “all else added unto me” sounded so good, I decided to see if it were true. Lo and behold, I began to find the peace and happiness I had been looking for. Guess what? It doesn’t come and go, it IS. Joy IS, Peace IS. I began to cultivate a willingness to be in the NOW and experience the IS of I AM.

When I began to truly practice being loving and compassionate even when it was MOST difficult, I began to find Peace in my heart. I began to feel increasingly more and more masterful. Life started to get a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

My breakthrough was happening and I felt compelled to share. In a couple of years I was guided to begin offering classes in what I was learning and so began my true ministry.

I believe we all have a ministry of LOVE. It is our life of LOVE and we can be truly masterful at it. It does require discipline and that can be challenging to cultivate, yet it’s so much more fun when we do it together.

It’s happening now in my Finding Freedom class and people are already saying yes to my year-long course: Masterful Living 2013. It’s so ON! I love it! I’m calling forth my expansion and awakening and I’m inviting you to walk with me.

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