You Can Vote!

November 6, 2012

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As an American, I’m keenly aware that many of my forbears have died to ensure my right to elect my government leaders with the power of the vote. It is a sacred opportunity that many hold dear. Perhaps if someone in your immediate family had died to ensure your right to vote it would make you value it even more. Recent presidential elections have taught us the importance of a few hundred votes.

People who don’t vote feel they have the right to complain about the government’s leaders. In recent times you may have heard someone ask God “Why don’t you fix these problems we have here? Why don’t you do something about the ignorance, the poverty and the violence?” To which God replies “That’s why I sent you!”

Voting is one of the important ways that you can make a difference to future generations while also honoring your ancestors. What a glorious opportunity that is. By voting, I affirm that I am here to BE love and light through the ways in which I participate, activate, and motivate rather than vegetate.

I am a registered voter. I vote and let my voice be heard in remembrance of those who went before me and in honor of those who come after me. I am grateful to be able to vote.

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