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December 20, 2012

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People have been thanking me for coming out of the closet with my aspiration to awaken, ascend and reach the atonement NOW, in this lifetime. I shared about this and many more important realizations I’ve had lately in the free class call I did last Saturday (“Working in the Invisible to Manifest the Answered Prayer of Peace, Love & Joy!” Click to register and receive the download and replay.)

For the longest time I believed I wouldn’t be able to attain enlightenment in this lifetime because I thought I was SO far away. I didn’t even allow myself to think it was possible. When I think back on that now, I realize how strong the belief is in the human race consciousness that we are far, far away from home.

Back then, I judged myself strongly. I thought I’d have many lifetimes to go before I could awaken. Now, I realize that thinking that thought is true will make it my experience. How could it not?

I’m not interested in thinking limited thoughts anymore. Now IS the time of our awakening and I’m going for it! Why would I ever delay when I do not have to? In a sense, how dare I think that I am unworthy of my true identity?

I was afraid to tell people that I was going for the full load of enlightenment because I didn’t want to deal with their judgments, but as soon as I let my own judgments go, what other people thought of me didn’t matter. I believe ALL are worthy. I believe ALL are called. Let us decide to answer, NOW!

Are there any false beliefs that you’ve thought for SO long that you believe they’re true even though they’re just a judgment?

Now is the time for us to claim our Divine inheritance. Why wait? If you are deciding to wait, ask yourself why? We really can Manifest the Answered Prayer of more Peace, Love & Joy in our experience NOW!


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