Good Heavens!!!!

December 14, 2012

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I had the most EXTRAORDINARY cosmic experience of healing on 12-12-12. Truly, I had an amazing experience, but more than that, I received a healing activation that is such a blessing. I am thrilled and excited to see and feel how it unfolds in my life and what I’ll get to share with YOU, my precious prayer partner! Woo to the HOO!

Here’s the key: I asked for it.
I really opened myself to receive the MAXIMUM level of healing and expansion that was possible for me to receive and I ALLOWED it.

Tomorrow, I’m offering a free call and my topic is “Working in the invisible to manifest your answered prayer.” My 12-12-12 cosmic healing experience is an example of working in the invisible. I’ve learned to stop PUSHING DENSITY by working in the world of form trying to MAKE things happen.

Becoming masterful at working in the invisible is one of the key things I teach in my year-long Masterful Living Course. I used to work SO HARD at just trying to get stuff done. I labored so much over everything. Sending emails, making phone calls, driving all over town, sometimes that’s the hard way to get things done. Sometimes we can accomplish so much by simply changing our thinking and being clear, open, receptive and available to ALLOW the good to flow in our lives.

Our answered prayer is usually this: experiencing the flow of Love in our lives to the maximum ability. We CAN work in the invisible to manifest this with ease and grace. This is our inheritance. This is what we’re supposed to remember how to do. Let’s get on with it and let’s do it together!

Please join me on Saturday – register now for the call Working in the invisible to manifest your answered prayer – I’ll be available to answer as many questions as I can!


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