Holy- Go Lightly!

December 7, 2012

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When I was in Dublin teaching, I noticed that people in my workshop were a bit taken aback by my humor. Sometimes I can have such a dry humor that people genuinely don’t know if I’m being funny or not. I was feeling a bit odd when people weren’t laughing at my humor, so I decided to go ahead and tell a joke. My favorite joke is about an Irishman – and it doesn’t make the Irishman look good, but it’s still my favorite joke because it’s really about the person I used to think that I was. I was nervous about telling it in Ireland and perhaps offending people, but I went ahead anyway.

My favorite joke is:
Q: What do you get when you cross an Irishman with a gorilla?
A: You get a gorilla who holds a grudge.

I got the best laugh EVER at the joke. The Dubliners totally got it. And they’d never heard it, which was even better!

I used to think that holding a grudge was my job. I thought it was my identity – just like the Irishman in the joke. I thought it was my dominant characteristic. It turns out that it’s not true. I’m not a grudge-holder anymore. I don’t have to drag all that baggage around with me. I’m able to invest in activities that are much more fun and helpful.

How did I make the shift?
I did several years of focused forgiveness work. I did several years prior to that where I trained myself to be compassionate with myself and to forgive my mis-takes.

Right now in my Finding Freedom class, people are recognizing that they can have the most amazing benefits from a deepening spiritual practice. Love is the healer. It is the only healer that we have and we all have total access all of the time if we’re willing.

There’s an amazing spiritual adventure unfolding for all of us.
We can go kicking and screaming.
We can go being dragged by our hair.
We can go being led and guided.
We can go holding the hands of our brothers and sisters.
We can go being held and carried.

There are an infinite variety of ways that we can travel.
The main thing to know is that YOU ARE going to the next state of awakened living.

How would you like to get there?
With reluctance & resistance?
Or with ease & grace?
You can decide your travel style.
You can decide to go feeling alone or with the support of friends.
You can drag a dump truck full of things to be forgiven, or you can do the forgiveness now.

As always, it is done unto you as you believe.

Here’s a travel tip: Pack lightly. Leave everything behind and take only the Kingdom, which is within. You’ll be so glad you did!


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