In the Flow of Love!

December 19, 2012

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Like me, almost everyone I meet has a goal, a dream or desire that they really, deeply want to see fulfilled, and yet the years go by and the dream remains unattained. We know the steps that need to be taken to achieve our goal and yet we don’t take them. I know very spiritual people who don’t pray for the very things they desire most. Sometimes I am that person. This is the resistance. I’ve learned that if the resistance is strong, instead of focusing on the end result I am better served by focusing on the resistance. I become willing to release, resolve and dissolve the resistance so that there is true flow in my life and then I can be affluent.

When I’m in the flow I am enjoying my path very much. I feel a natural joy. Being in the flow is yummy and fulfilling. I am more and more receptive to the yumminess that the Divine is always pouring forth. Love has not changed, life has not changed. I’m in the flow when I’m working for the good of all, when I’m seeing all as one. There’s nothing to resist, only Love to relax into.

I’m so grateful to have discovered the power of Love healing all the places in my awareness where I held on to hurt and fear. I was so unwilling at times. Now I give thanks for my willingness all day long. I am willing to be loving. Where once I was lost, now I AM found. Where once I was blind, now I AM willing to see even when I don’t see clearly yet.

There is a flow to Love. It is like a mighty river and it does wash us clean of any idea that is unloving when we’re willing to flow with Love in the only way we can – surrendering and saying yes to Love NOW!


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