Love is the Answer

December 18, 2012

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I came to realize that my feelings of anger and outrage were the plea for help from one who was drowning in fear. Love was my answer. I learned that there was no hatred, no hurt, no anger, and no fear that I felt that couldn’t be met and healed by Love.

Compassion is loving understanding for those who have temporarily lost touch with their Divine nature. When I live compassionately then I am a healing presence wherever I go and I KNOW it. I feel it. In our society we’re taught that it’s not easy to have compassion, but I am here to tell you that it is much easier to have compassion than it is to be filled with resentment. I know because I’ve hated those who were angry and cruel to me. I’ve hated myself for not doing better. I’ve worked with it.

Living compassionately requires a deep commitment. Every day, I’m discovering the answer to the question “How do I BE the peace I’d like to see in the world?” Over and over again, the answer comes when I am offered the opportunity to prove my commitment to peace by choosing compassion. Initially it was very challenging. There are still times when I have to be with myself for a moment before I can trade compassion for judgments, but that is more and more rare and I’m grateful.

It’s a daily practice and a daily healing. Every day I’m grateful I can clear out more that doesn’t serve me and strengthen my healing.

If you’d like support with developing the discipline to STAY committed to Love, take a listen to Saturday’s free class call. I shared a LOAD of basic tools and tips to shift your life and develop a Divine discipline – you can get the free replay or download if you register here to receive it now. I invite you to listen and re-listen as the questions were SO good and the insight was SO clear.


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