New Year’s Intention

December 31, 2012

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“This Law of Mind is man’s access to the Original Creative Genius of the Universe, and has no intention for us than the Intention that we give it.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

I love the energy that accompanies the end of one year and the beginning of the new. Even as I observe the things that I wish had or hadn’t happened in the past year with some sadness or judgment, in my heart I choose to be grateful for the lessons learned. I am grateful for the love I gave and the love I received. I steep myself in gratitude for a life of ever increasing spiritual awareness and mastery through the practice of Love.

I anchor my intention for the New Year. I powerfully claim for myself both a release and an expansion. I intentionally release negative habits and beliefs – anything that no longer serves me and binds me in a place of playing small and staying stuck. Letting go energetically creates a space to fill. Every year I expand into a greater more dynamic way of being in the world and raise up my walk, lift my vibration. This is my choice. By choosing expansion, I discover I live in a progressive Universe where there is no regression.

This practice of setting a New Year’s Intention is an anchor in the transformation that is naturally happening in my life. By having the strong intention to release the thinking and habits I’ve outgrown and consciously choosing to expand into my Divinity, I easily focus the entire year on transformation. I invite Divine Grace. My intention goes before me. My intention is broadcast everywhere in the mind of the Infinite. All of Life supports my transformation and I ALWAYS find that at the end of each year I once again have so much to be grateful for.  The beginning of 2013 finds me more grateful than I have ever, ever been.

Through the grace of Divine Love, I’ve learned that the path to true mastery is not in MAKING a leap in consciousness, but in EMBODYING what I have learned.

To have a momentary realization of the Oneness of all Life is entirely different from living in the embodiment of it. What looks like a plateau to some is the process of embodiment to the one who lives masterfully. I choose the path of mastery. I am grateful for the year that has ended and the year that begins. In this way, the turning of the calendar is my friend and I celebrate it as evidence of Divine Grace in my Life.

Consider anchoring 2013 with my 2 part New Year’s Intention online tele-class January 1st & 8th.


I AM living a life of Love!


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