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December 2, 2012

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One of the things I teach in Masterful Living is how to learn to have a powerful and productive life. I share about Partnering UP! – which is my way of saying – stop playing small, stop trying to do everything on your own and get into the flow of LOVE – you can ALLOW Divine support to infuse every part of your life. It’s so powerful.

Masterful Living is largely about learning to work in the invisible rather than what I call “pushing density” which means working in form, working in the world of effects.

Working in the invisible is so much more powerful than pushing density. Working in the invisible is so much easier than pushing density.
Working in the invisible is so much more productive than pushing density.

However, it is not the way of the ego – and so it does require a willingness to learn what could be a new and unfamiliar way.

Here in Europe, I’ve had the opportunity to have precious time with Masterful Living students and two of them have actually had their loved ones give them brand new cars. It’s a great example of working in the invisible and experiencing the ease and grace that is our natural state.

I’ve felt so blessed on this trip and so supported. I’m relaxing into the invisible support too. It’s wonderful! Let the old way of pushing density fall away NOW!


I AM willing to allow the maximum level of support in my life!

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