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December 4, 2012

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This morning I caught some of the yarn from my sweater on something. The exact thought I had is “this is forever happening!” This particular sweater does seem to get caught on things. However, I do not wish for it to be “forever happening!” So, I immediately said “cancel that – it’s not happening anymore. All is well.”

Every day there’s at least one thought that arises like this. I think a thought that I don’t wish to see come to fruition and I cancel it. I used to follow the unhappy thought down the drain and then feel upset and afraid. Now, I simply divest myself of it and affirm what I wish to experience. Then, I’m off to the next thing.

It’s so important to stay focused on what you’re thinking. That’s why I use prayer as a power tool, and positive affirmations.

People all over the world in Masterful Living are consistently amazed that they really can change their thinking and it really does change their experience.

You can do this! Go for it!


I AM focused in Love!

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