The Mirror & The Illusion

December 28, 2012

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Here at the Living Miracles Monastery, in Utah where I’m with David Hoffmeister, preparing for our New Year’s Retreat that we’re starting today, we’ve all been observing this precious bird (see photo) who is absolutely obsessed with his own reflection.

This bird sees it’s own image reflected in the glass of the window and believes his reflection to be his enemy. All day long he pecks at the window trying to attack the enemy that is his reflection. Sometimes he flaps his wings and squeaks and makes a show of it. He beats his wings against the glass and screeches to try and terrify the reflection that he thinks is his enemy.

This little pecker begins each day at first light, around 7:15am and continues until about 5:30pm and he only takes short breaks. He is determined and intent on conquering his reflection. He pecks like a mad bird and then flies around the building and sits on his perch you see outside my window. My window has a screen so he doesn’t peck there. He’s gotten quite used to me. We look at each other. I have so much compassion for him.

He is like each one of us who has not realized that every brother, every sister, every being on the planet is one with us and a mirror for us. Some of our reflections we admire and idolize. Some reflections we love and desire. Some reflections we hate and despise. Some reflections we are in constant attack with, in our mind if not in form. Sometimes we’re relentless pecking and pecking in form or in our mind and, just as with this little pecker, it is completely futile. It only gives us a sense of frustration and limitation.

There is no other. There is only the one. We cannot even have a relationship with another person. We only have the Oneness of all life and the sooner that we are willing to accept that the happier we can all be.

I have so much compassion for this bird because I recognize he IS my brother. I hope that he will find some other activity that brings peace to place his attention on – that somehow he can realize that there’s no point to peck anymore. He’s been at it for at least a week now, all day every day, we’ll see what happens. I do feel that because I have compassion for the pecker he doesn’t bother me. I’m not irritated or frustrated by him and that’s a good awareness for me.

Life is always showing us something. Life is always reflecting back to us the state of our mind. What do you see in the mirror? Will you allow it to teach you? Is there a lesson in the mirror that your Higher Holy Spirit Self has worked to create for you that you’re rejecting? Accept it now so that you can invest yourself in more peace, more love, more joy. Now that’s masterful!

My New Year’s Intention Class starts on Tuesday – two sessions on-line or on the phone – if you’d like to have a POWERFUL beginning to your new year – join us and activate the highest levels of clarity! I love the new year! Let’s ROCK it together!


I AM willing to see clearly.


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