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December 29, 2012

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Prayer for Walking the Walk

As I’m taking stock here at the end of the year and preparing for the start of 2013, I’m looking at what has really been successful this year and what I’ve learned. As you’ve probably heard me say 100 times, I’m harvesting the learning!

More and more, I’m absolutely amazed at how profoundly I’ve been able to shift my thinking by applying the simple tools that have come to me through intuition. For so many years I read books and studied and it didn’t get me much of anywhere.

I used to have such a sense of STRIVING to attain spiritual awakening that wasn’t coming. Yes, I was becoming more loving, more compassionate and more peaceful in dribs and drabs, but the that “pot of gold” was eluding me. I had such a desire to really GET THERE and I it felt so far away.

It’s so miraculous to me that I could ever even become a teacher of spirituality and have something of real value to share. I started with such a sense of desperation and utter confusion. I felt that the peace I have now was SO far away that it would take me MANY lifetimes to get to where I am now.

I’m so glad and grateful that I didn’t give up before the miracle!!!
I’m so grateful that I’m not content to feel mostly contented.
I’m really interested in knowing my true identity and living in that.
I really aspire to fully know the oneness.

I feel so grateful that I have this prayer partnership with YOU!

Thank you for your willingness to practice with me!
Together we stand, calling forth our healing and ALLOWING it to unfold!
What a blessing it is to both of us!


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