We are the LIGHT!

December 21, 2012

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At last! A majority of humanity is willing to step into the light of their being. The big day has arrived and we’re saying YES! to the light that we are.

One thing that I got even more clarity about on 12-12-12 is that there’s no substitute for spiritual practice. In my practice that day, all day long that day I was OPENING to receive the maximum level of healing possible. I was ASKING to receive it and I was ALLOWING it and it ARRIVED!

I encourage you to follow this simple formula –

1. Believe that you can have the healing you desire!
2. Open to receive it – make yourself available to receive it! This means ALLOW it! Be WILLING!
3. Ask for it! Ask and it IS given! Don’t forget to ask!

And I always feel it’s essential to share the benefits with EVERYONE, since I’m One with them.

What could possibly be more important than your healing?
Why wait? There’s no reason to wait anymore! Go for it!

I made this video for you while I was skiing yesterday in Park City, Utah. (I love to ski and rarely get to go.)

Today I begin 2 weeks of retreat with David Hoffmeister – click here for all the details – you can still come join us! We’d love to have you step into the mystic with us over the holidays or in Hawaii in February. What a blessing!

If you missed last Saturday’s class call – get your free download here.


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