What Are You Planting?

December 5, 2012

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I’ve come to realize that whether I like it or not, each thought I think AND believe is like a seed planted in Divine soil that must come to fruition unless I change my beliefs and start thinking a new thought. Now, more than ever, we’re all SEEING what we BELIEVE. I’ve been saying again and again, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

If you don’t like what you see, you can change your beliefs and you WILL see something different. The other day I wrote about how in my year-long Masterful Living class, students learn how to work in the invisible and use the Divine Law to shift their experience and their circumstances, including their relationships, and that it works in miraculous ways. I got an email from someone asking me to share more about what working in the invisible means.

When we focus our thinking on the ideal, we can create a totally different experience for ourselves. That IS what being Masterful really is. It’s taking responsibility for every thought that you think. No blame, ever. It’s being willing to use the Divine Laws to create a life of profound Love. You may think that it’s beyond you, but it isn’t. It is your destiny and the sooner you realize it and begin to take responsibility for every thought, the sooner you will have the life of profound Love that you so deeply desire. It’s so much easier to work in changing your thoughts than in trying to convince the world to do it your way!

Yesterday in Glastonbury I saw some of the famous sites there, including the Chalice Well where the “red spring” pours forth it’s clear, cool reddish water. The symbol on the cover of the well is the Versica Piscis and it represents the union of Heaven & Earth. It’s an early symbol of Christianity.

It’s believed that Mary’s uncle Joseph came to Glastonbury with a vial of Jesus’ blood and one of sweat from the crucifixion, along with the cup that Jesus used at the last supper and that he buried them in Glastonbury and the Chalice Well sprung up from there – with this reddish water that flows to this day. (The water itself has a high iron content and that’s what makes it appear reddish.) This is a site of holy pilgrimage and prayers. Today’s prayer was made there. I imagine that Joseph’s intention was to bring that energy of Jesus’ Love back to Glastonbury, this holy and mystical place. (It’s believed that Jesus travelled there as a boy.)

While at the well, I filled a bottle with water from well and drank it. I felt blessed to be there and drink that holy water. Every where I go I’m planting seeds of Divine Love and goodness. This is my aspiration. I am opening my heart and mind to know the Truth that sets us free and I accept all manner of support – visible and invisible.

Today, I invite you to look at your thoughts and your beliefs and discover what seeds you are planting. If you are thinking it and you believe it, then you will SEE it in some way or another. It must come into your experience. You are worth the very best thoughts, the most loving thoughts and thoughts of peace and joy. May your life be one of miraculous healing and blessings!


I AM the union of heaven and earth! I thank God for my life of Love!


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